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Case Studies
About This Project

The Brief:
To provide safety advise for a bespoke box to hold an event in Elys Yard, Truman Brewery.

The Solution:
This was a unique event in a somewhat compromising location – we knew it was going to be challenging to meet the requirements of all the permissions. So we worked closely with the creative event agency, overseeing the construction of the structure and designing a safe method of operation. Once we’d carried out the risk assessment, we liaised with the local authority for the relevant permissions. Upon the build completion, we provided an onsite team to support the event staff managing the event.

What did the client have to say?
“We knew when we started this project it was going to be tricky to get signed off. But the team handled it like it was second nature. It was nice to work with a company that wanted to help us bring the event to life, instead of the usual Safety Advisors that just tell you why it won’t happen.”

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